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About Chef Emily

Chef Emily prepares and cooks in your kitchen"Good food is one of the great joys in life. Being able to enjoy it in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home, alone, or in the company of family, or friends, is something to be treasured."
-- Chef Emily

From her childhood she has been fascinated with creating delicious foods. She continued developing her culinary skills during her stint in graduate school. This New York girl learned to bake bread, grow her own vegetables, and can them while studying nutrition and biochemistry in the wilds of Wisconsin. Chef Emily learned to cook the ethnic foods that were unavailable at that time in the Midwest.

For 20 years as a Registered Dietitian, Chef Emily combined her passion for food with the beauty of biochemistry, discovering along the way the truth of her guiding motto: "It is possible to eat well and nutritiously".

Being involved in large feeding programs – for the LA school district, for various hospitals and for the airlines (back when they served real food), Chef Emily dealt with the fact that the food being served rarely met the tastes of the person consuming it. Working with individuals in private practice and hospital clinics, she found that it was important to figure out what the person really wanted to eat while still meeting special requirements.

At another turning point in Chef Emily's life, she realized that she really wanted to feed people well– not put them on diets. Cooking (catering) was great fun – people loved to eat what she cooked and she spent 8 years providing wonderful food to celebrate the special events in people’s lives.

With the move to Connecticut Chef Emily needed to find a new outlet for her talents. A good friend, who absolutely hated to cook, suggested that she make a few extra portions when she prepared the family dinner. Eureka! With the help of the American Personal Chef Association – A Chef Of You Own was born!

This has turned out to be the perfect vocation for Chef Emily. It combines her love of cooking with her desire to refine what she prepares to meet individual tastes, and to know that her skills bring the pleasure of family meals and good food to others.

In the words of Chef Emily...

"My cooking career began as a child at the sides of my grandmothers and has continued both formally and informally through my travels, relocations and career changes. Sharing great meals with good friends and family was always one of my pleasures. Now I would like to give you the opportunity to enjoy culinary pleasures in the comfort of your home with the ones you care about."

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